Get yourself a free trial of Nitro Focus No3Nitro Focus No3 is the nitric oxide supplement for you to take if you want to get bigger and pack on more muscle mass and strength.

Perhaps you are just starting out in the gym but are disappointed because you are really not getting bigger or going anywhere with your muscle building.

Perhaps you have worked out for a while but have hit a stage with your workouts where no matter what you do, you are not packing on more muscle mass.

You also need to know that Nitro Focus No3 is a great fat burner as well.

No matter what you reason you may have, Nitro Focus No3 is the supplement for you to take to really get bigger, ripped and reach your goals in the gym so you will stand out.

First, before we are going into more details about Nitro Focus and exactly what you will get from this supplement we want you to know that you can get a free trial of Nitro Focus No3. But you need to act pretty fast because it will only be available for a short period of time. To learn more about the trial of to get started hit the link below.

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What is Nitro Focus No3 All About

First we had the No2 Supplements to help you to build muscles. They were pretty good doing it. No we have the next generation of nitric oxide supplements ready! No3.

Here Nitro Focus No3 is the leader and the supplement that you need to pay your attention to.

No3 is way different from No2 and is really worth it if you already know No2 supplements. No3 supplements like Nitro Focus not only comes with L-Arginine but also are infused with Arginine Nitrate. This will give you rock hard solid muscle mass faster than ever.

Nitro Focus No3 will be able to expand your blood vessels up to 74% more than any other No2 supplement on the market.

For you hitting the gym this means your workouts will become more effective and you will get better results also if you already have been using a NO2 supplement.

Your Pump will be better and your endurance will go up. All you need to do, beside going to the gym, is to make sure your diet is right with a lot of good proteins.

Let us take a closer look at some of the advantages you will get with Nitro Focus No2 compared to other nitric oxide supplements and whey proteins.


See al the benefits that Nitro Focus No3 will give you compared to No2 Supplements

How Nitro Focus No3 Will Make You Bigger

Nitro Focus No3 is a nitric oxide supplement able to make you bigger by increasing your nitric oxide levels. When your levels are high while you are working out they will expand your blood vessels so you will be able to carry out more nutrients to your muscles in form of proteins and carbohydrates.

When you take Nitro Focus No3 you will have more nutrients available for you muscles and it will be easier for you to let them grow bigger and stronger. You will also be able to recover much faster so you can hit the gym even harder than before.

Many guys younger guys have problems growing muscles because their metabolism sucks up all your nutrient before you can use it for your muscles. When you take Nitro Focus No3 you can avoid that because you will make more nutrients and proteins available for your muscles So they can grow.

Remember the L-arginine one of the ingredients you will get with Nitro Focus No3 can increase your protein uptake into your muscles up to 10 times more effective. This means that you do not have to struggle anymore to get bigger with more muscles.

Nitro Focus No3 will also have a positive impact on your testosterone levels and how your body produces testosterone. Just make sure that you get plenty of meat in your diet and Nitro Focus No3 will help you with the rest.

Because you build more muscles you will be burning more calories and put your body in fat burning mode. This will help you to get rid of that damn body fat that are hiding your muscles. Getting rid of that fat is important because that is what will make you stand out.

Seriously you will not earn any respect from the big guys if you do not get rid of that body fat. Nitro Focus No3 is here to help you with that.

Bottles of Nitro Focus No3

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Nitro Focus No3 a Great Fat Burner As Well

Nitro Focus No3 is not all about getting bigger and stronger. This supplement is also a great fat burner.

You may say that you do not need that because you just want to get bigger.

You need to remember, cutting body fat especially around your muscles is an important part of getting bigger and more shredded too. Else you will just look like an ordinary big guy, not paying attention to the details.

It is the details that you need, to really finish a satisfying job as a muscle builder.

Guys who just want to go to the gym in order to lose weight will also benefit a lot from Nitro Focus No3. It will help you to burn fat faster and at the same time make you more marked with muscles so you will look better.

Why Even Care About Nitro Focus No3?

Because Nitro Focus No3 is  going to give you a lot of benefits that you would not get else where. Benefits that really are going to get you bigger and will give you results that you will be happy with. Lets take a closer look at them.

  • Start to build insane more muscle mass right away
  • Get BIGGER faster (all muscles)
  • Increase your strength
  • Get that dry ripped muscle look by cutting of body fat that are hiding your muscles
  • You will get a much better performance in the gym
  • Less rest in between workouts but also the sets you are doing in the gym
  • Improve your libido and stamina. You will want to have sex more 🙂
  • Improve blood flow to your genitals. This will give you a much better sex life
  • Because you will appear as an alpha male, women will want you more
  • Nitro Focus No3 has been featured on Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Fitness
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Grab yourself a free trial (while supplies last)

What are the Guys Saying About Nitro Focus No3?

Nitro Focus No3 is one of the most talked about muscle building supplements in many gyms around the United States and the United Kingdom. Here are what some of them have to say.

Nitro Focus No2 testimonial from Thomas a happy user from LA

“I’m losing weight faster than ever and I have more energy. I’m not a professional bodybuilder but I still like the way this product helps me shape my muscles and burn fat. I’m losing weight faster than ever and I have more energy during sex.”

– Thomas Los Angeles, California


See what Bruce have to say about Nitro Focus No3

“I feel far better about my body. I can compete more confidently in events. I feel far better about my body, especially this six-pack I have now. I can compete more confidently in events too. My bodybuilding team is proud of the achievements I have made already.”

– Bruce, London, England


Jeremy Nitro Focus No3 testimonial

“I am very pleased with the results. I get complements everywhere I go. I never thought it was possible for my muscles to look this good. I am very pleased with the results. I receive complements everywhere I go and maybe it will help me finally meet the one!”

– Jeremy, New York, NY


Grab Yourself a Free Trial of Nitro Focus No3

Are you ready to build more muscles and get stronger than ever? Now you can get started using Nitro Focus No3 with a free trial. This is perfect for you because you can test it out and see all the benefits you will be getting. Remember that you can cancel anytime.

To learn more or to get started right away with the trial click on the link below.

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Use our 5 great muscle building tips together with Nitro Focus No3 and build even more muscle mass. Remember that you can also benefit a lot from Nitro Focus No3 if you want to cut away body fat so your muscles becomes more visible and you get that hard ripped dry look.

In the following you will find a couple of our best muscle building tip that you can use together with Nitro Focus No3.

If you use these muscle building tips together with your workout and diet you are going to get some very results and you can expect to get them much faster than just doing a regular routine.

These muscle building tips has been specially tailored to be used with Nitro Focus No3 but you can use them together with other nitric oxide supplements as well.

So lets get started with out top muscle building tips for more muscle mass using Nitro Focus No3

Muscle Building Tips 1: 30% Of Your Food Intake Should Be Around Your Work Out

When it comes to working out in order to build more muscles it is going to make a huge difference when you are having your meals. In order to get the best results you should aim to eat around 30% of your daily food intake around you work out.

5 muscle building tips and your diet

Lets take an example.

Lets say you are working out at 6pm. Between 4.30 and 5 you should have a good meal with good carbohydrates and proteins. Straight after your workout you should have a post workout shake followed by a meal around 8 pm. Of Course remember to take Nitro Focus No3 either with your 5 pm meal or latest 30 min before your workout.

Muscle Building Tips 2: Do a Split Routine

When you have first started to work out and have been doing it for a couple of months it is time to split your muscles up into groups and train them on different days doing a split routine. This means you will be able to hit them harder and still give them plenty of rest between your workouts. It will also help you to prevent working out for three hours every time you are in the gym, which is way to much.

En example of a split routine could be: Chest, Triceps and abs on Monday. Back, biceps and shoulders on Tuesdays. Legs and abs on Wednesdays. Thursday is a rest day and the start all over on Fridays.

Muscle Building Tips 3: Train Each Group of Muscles Every 5 Days

Next time you go to your gym on a Monday, try to check out how many guys are working out their chest? For many guys the chest seems to be the most important group of muscles and is typically the one they start out with each and every week.

Forget about the week days and that you need to work out a group of muscles on specific days. You are much better off hitting each of them every 5 days instead of 7.

5 Muscle Building Tips and Your Work Out

5 days is normally the time it takes for muscles to fully recover if you are in a decent shape. If you wait for 7 days so basically have 2 days with no form of stimuli going into your muscles. Of course if you feel you are tired you should take an extra day of rest.

There is a lot of controversy whether you should train each muscle group once or twice a week. The guys at recommend once per week in order to avoid over training. MensHealth in the UK recommend twice a week in order to put enough stimuli on your muscles. I say train each group of muscles 1.5 times per week. We need to focus more on the actual recover period your muscles needs than thinking in weeks.

Muscle Building Tips 4: Train Your Whole Body

As an experienced muscle builder there is nothing worse than going to the gym and see these young guys only working out their upper body. One of the most important muscle building tips an experienced guy can give a novice is to train your whole body, even if you do not like doing it.

Most guys hate doing legs, but training them will benefit your whole body and make it bigger. When you are training legs your body will release a set of hormones that will benefit your whole body and make it grow faster.

Also when you are doing legs you are also working out other parts of your body like arms, abs, back and chest.

So instead of hiding your skinny legs in a pair of baggy pants it is time for you to get started to train your legs.

Muscle Building Tips 5: Cardio Training Should be a Part of Your Work Out

Most guys really hate doing cardio, which is quite understandable because it can be very boring. If you are thin and is working out in order to gain more muscle mass it is understandable if you ask “why doing cardio when I just want to get big?”

5 muscle building tips cardio

Cardio training like doing the treadmill, cross trainer or what ever do not only serve the purpose to help people getting slim. It also helps to train your heart and lungs and improve your overall fitness condition.

The better shape you are in the easier it will be for you to build muscle mass and become stronger. Of course if you are thin with a high metabolism you should not spend hours on the treadmill each time you go to the gym. Just do 20 minutes each time and you will be fine.

If you have a little bit more fat on your body but are getting bigger, cardio can help you to get more shredded and ripped.

When you take Nitro Focus No3 before your workouts this supplement will help to improve your cardio performance as well.

Get Yourself a Free Trial of Nitro Focus No3

For sure these 5 muscle building tips are going to give you some very good gains in the gym. Especially if you are following them together with Nitro Focus No3. Remember that right now but for a limited period of time you can get yourself a free trial of Nitro Focus No3. To get started all you need to do is to click on the link below.

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Get yourself a free trial of Nitro Focus No3

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